-A Mission Classic-


*to go orders: 5 item limit, 2 pizzas max per order*


marinated castelvetrano olives citrus & fennel 6

eggplant caponatina 8     with burrata 11

meatballs spicy tomato sauce 10

piquillo peppers goat cheese & balsamico 9

sweet potato fries gorgonzola & parmesan 11

gnocchi with porcini & smoked pancetta 11

lamb chops kale, cherry tomato, olives, panna acida 19

zucchini parmigiano  with scamorza & basil   10

walnut bread burrata, mushroom-truffle honey 9

herb onion bread extra virgin olive oil 5

beef carpaccio arugula, parmesan & capers   11

fried cauliflower with caper-aioli   8

asparagus sage-hollandaise 9

english peas red onions & pancetta 8

fish antipasti

dungeness crab arancini calabrese aioli 11

calamari fritti & arugula 12

pancetta wrapped prawns spinach, radicchio & gorgonzola 12

meat antipasti   7ea

artisan salumi with giardiniera


prosciutto di parma



hot coppa

mixed plate of all five 20


arugula & fennel salad shaved parmesan 8/12

kale & romaine caesar parmesan croutons 8/12

roasted beets arugula, goat cheese, & walnuts 11


margherita 13

margherita burrata 16

spicy marinara pepperoncini & olives 13

funghi misti marinara, fontina & thyme 17

hot salami coppa, marinara, provolone & diavolicchio 17

italian sausage marinara, béchamel & green onion 17

prosciutto di parma marinara, arugula & mozzarella 17

spinach béchamel, truffle-crimini, fontina & ham 18

chorizo marinara, oaxaca cheese, cilantro 17

zucchini prosciutto, onion, provolone & goat cheese 17

asparagus pancetta, béchamel, fontina, egg & sage 17


anchovy 3
mozzarella 2
burrata 6
sub burrata 4
spicy coppa 3
sausage 3
vegan chorizo 3
vegan cheese 4
hot salami 3
egg 2


squid ink with calamari 19

saffron with osso buco 18

zucchini flowers & cherry tomatoes 18


monday: pollo farcito 20

tuesday: cioppino 24

wednesday: grilled pork shoulder chop 23

thursday: chicken cotoletta tomato & parmesan 20

friday: lasagne alla bolognese 19

saturday: ricotta cannelloni tomato & sausage 18

sunday: manzo short ribs 24


panna gelato with extra virgin olive oil  & sea salt 8

bonet chocolate gelato with amaretti & caramel 8

tiramisù with rum-mascarpone 8

vanilla gelato 6

pomegranate blueberry sorbet  6

coppa mocha with meringue & toasted almond 9



outside dessert/cake cutting/serving fee is $2 per person; 

A 4% charge will be added for sf employer mandates; including the health care, security ordinance, health insurance, commuter benefits ordinance, sick days and sf minimum wage ordinance.


french toast mixed berries & mascarpone      14

pork shoulder panini escabeche, calabrese aioli & french fries 15

prosciutto scramble asparagus & mozzarella, potatoes & mixed greens   14

pancetta omelet mushroom, tomato & fontina, roasted potatoes & mixed greens   14

pasta chilaquiles fried eggs, ricotta salata, tomatillo-avocado sauce 13 with pork 16

sausage hash smoked mozzarella & fried eggs 14

florentine dumplings semolina, italian ham, spinach, béchamel, tomato, parmesan 13

ricotta cannelloni with tomato & sausage   18

eggs purgatorio in spicy tomato sauce  10    add hot salami  13


eggplant caponatina   8     with burrata   11

meatballs spicy tomato sauce   10

lamb chops  kale, cherry tomato, olives, panna acida  19

zucchini parmigiano  with scamorza & basil   10

walnut bread burrata, mushroom-truffle honey 9

fried cauliflower with caper-aioli   8


arugula & fennel with shaved parmesan 8/12

kale & romaine caesar parmesan croutons 8/12

roasted beets arugula, goat cheese, & walnuts 11


carbonara bacon, two eggs, mozzarella, pecorino & cracked black pepper   17

creamy spinach field mushrooms, two eggs, provolone & nutmeg   17

margherita 13 with burrata   16

funghi misti tomato, fontina & thyme   17

italian sausage marinara, béchamel, green onions 17

prosciutto di parma tomato, arugula & mozzarella 17

zucchini prosciutto, onion, provolone & goat cheese 17


anchovy 3
mozzarella 2
burrata 6
sub burrata 4
spicy coppa 3
sausage 3
vegan chorizo 3
vegan cheese 4
hot salami 3
egg 2

mixed drinks

kentucky mule bourbon, lime, ginger, cane, mint

cherry bomb anejo, lime, rose lillet, cynar

green aisles pisco, lime, tarragon, egg white, absinthe

field & vine bourbon, pamplemousse, lemon, gewürztraminer

ex-lion tamer mezcal, lemon, passionfruit, elderflower, habanero

metal guru japanese whisky, pommeau, apricot, bitters

floradora gin, lime, raspberry, ginger ale

novel idea rum, apple brandy, punt e mes, amontillado, benedictine

elysian dream gin, aquavit, lime, genepy, cucumber-aloe

scofflaw  rye, lemon, grenadine, dry vermouth

diablo tequila, lime, ginger, cassis


brunch cocktails

gin rickey gin, lime, soda

kir royale cassis, prosecco   

pimm’s cup gin, pimms, lime, ginger

amalfi hibiscus lemonade, kolsch style ale

italian spiderman aperol, vermouth, grapefruit, salt

silver fizz gin, lemon, lime, egg white, soda

cabana boy rye, pineapple sibona, lime

brunch punch seasonal ingredients